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On 18/9/2023 03:36pm, Mamta posted:

Substitute ghee/butter/cooking oil with whatever oil your kids can have

If you can’t eat coriander seeds/leaves, garam masala, or whatever, then you just have to leave them out. If you are not used to eating them, you won’t miss them.

Is he allergic or dosn’t like the taste of garam masala? you can make it milder, leaving whatever you want left out Garam Masala 1, A Hot & Aromatic Spice Mix

Milk/milk products can be substituted with whatever milk substitute you use.

Replace paneer with tofu . Experiment and see if it works.

Millet flour roti Bajra Millet Roti, Indian Flat Bread All Indian stores will have it. You can get it on line too.

Millet flour and potato roti Bajra Millet, Potato and Bathua (Lambsquarter) Roti or Paratha. Replace Lambsquarter with spinach. By the way, this wild leaf, a weed in UK, is still growing in London, I see it on my walks every day, but can't pick it because it is where Dogs cock their leg!

Corn Meal Cornmeal Roti or Paratha With Urad Dal & Kasoori Methi-Indian (Flat Bread)

Gluten free chapatti flour, how to make it Gluten Free Chapatti Flour, How To Make?

Tandoori chicken can be made without yoghurt. Make a paste in a mix of oil and lemon juice. Just add salt and whatever spices you can have out of; salt, sweet paprika (fresh or powder),chilli powder, fresh ginger, garlic, oil of choice. Choose from ingredients of garam masala, don't use it whole; black cardamoms, black peppers, cloves, cinnamon, green cardamoms, cumin seeds. Make a tandoori paste in your blender/grinder. Marinate your chicken/lamb chops/prawns/fish etc. in it and cook as you would normally cook these things.

Many people in India can not afford to have some of the things you mention. Milk and yoghurt can be expensive. they are not a must. Paneer, if other like it, can be added after taking portion out for you son.

When you want to cook a specific think, ask me on mamtaskitchen fb page. I don’t check here every day.

Hope you can start cooking some things. Don't forget, Indian children/people also suffer from these allergies and learn to cook around them.

Best wishes


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