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On 6/3/2021 12:47am, Mimi M posted:

I have been baking for years and I learned many things from this very informative and well written article. I am making a fruitcake, which is dark, and I realized my pan is also dark. This helped me to realize why some bakers end up with a product overcooked on the bottom and sides. This also explained why some cakes dome! It reveals the logic behind the experience! Hopefully with the added aluminum foil around the outside of the pan and the parchment lining the inside I will have succeeded in baking a cake worthy to be served to a chef. This is a very late Xmas present for my aunt who lives with her son...who is a chef!

We are neverr too old to learn. It is a lifelong process.

Stay healthy and hungry!

Mimi M

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