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On 18/7/2020 11:21am, Mamta posted:

Hello Grazer

You are most welcome! Be aware that I don't check this column every day. As I get old, I am slowing down and usually check these things when I have finished my routine jobs.

If curry word makes it easier for you to understand what you are making, go for it. After all, I have used it in many of my recipes, so that people who are looking for a recipe, understand the title. You are right, Curry is often used as a synonym of Indian meal. People often say, "lets go for a curry" or Friday is a Curry night in our house.

I am not sure if I understand that your Garam Masala is too sweet, unless you have a lot of cinnamon in it and not enough black pepper. See here;

Garam Masala. after saying that, you must adjust a 'curry' to your taste, whatever that may be.

100% rapeseed oil is pretty good, my preferred option for making dishes that require high heat.

Enjoy your curries learning days, reminds me of my youth!


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