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On 6/3/2020 04:44pm, Mamta posted:

Hello Helen

From my experience, I can’t say that Garam masala matures in flavour. older it gets, less flavour it has.

My GM has what my mother and most of my family have in theirs; large brown cardamoms, cassia bark, bay leaves, cloves and black peppers. I occasionally add green cardamoms too. I don’t add coriander and cumin to it. They dilute the aroma. My family and all the other people I know in India, keep and add these two separately. Mace is also not something I have seen people in my part of India add to GM.

I use whole GM at the start of a recipe, I add it to the hot oil/ ghee, along with cumin/mustard/carom/nigella/fennel/fenugreek seeds. I add ground GM at the end of cooking, just turn the heat off, sprinkle GM on top and close the lid allowing flavours to develop and infuse. I am sure you will understand the chemistry of it better than most, but this is the traditional way I have always done it.


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