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On 15/11/2017 06:23am, Mamta posted:

Good morning Martin

The Indian onion salad or onions in vinegar are different from the Pickled Onions you buy in a jar. No boiling is involved. It is more a salad thean a pickle.

If I am making onion salad with shallots, I would make them and serve them whole and make them either the same morning, or perhaps a day or two before I need them. Otherwise, it looses its crispness. There may or may not be some dressing in the serving bowl when served, generally not.

For salad, I make fresh sliced onions for use on that day. I make them in a bowl, so the dressing stays on them, in the bowl. They don't usually last till the next day.

As far as I know, restaurants in India also make them fresh. I have asked at a few good restaurants in Delhi and the answer is always, "we make them each morning".

I have not used 'pickle crisp', must keep my eye out for it when in shop next time. I tend not to add any chemicals/preservatives to my pickles, so never thought of it.


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