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Mamta has given up meat and become pescatarian in recent years (though she still cooks meat dishes for friends and family), but Pete and Kavita are big meat eaters and love nothing more than a dish made with really tasty British beef, lamb or pork.

During the last year, Pete and Kavita have ordered lots of their meat from Paganum, a North Yorkshire business run by Chris Wildman. Chris' cows, sheep and pigs are beautiful animals indeed and their life in the bucolic Yorkshire Dales results in top quality meat.

We are therefore very keen to encourage our British readers to try Paganum meat for themselves.

Chris has set up a discount code just for readers of Mamta's Kitchen and Kavey Eats. Enter MK+KE into the voucher code field during the check out process for a 10% discount on your order. You can use this code every time you order and pass it on to friends and family.

On top of that is an October 2010 special offer for Mamta's Kitchen and Kavey Eats readers: Use the MK+KE code above and Chris will send a free Yorkshire Chorizo Original or Piccante (Spicy) with every order over 50.

We don't get any commission from your purchases - we are recommending Paganum because we genuinely love their meat and buy from Chris ourselves.


Although not strictly food-related, as a website we obviously rely heavily on our hosting. We've been through a number, but quite a few years ago now we moved to Clook and haven't looked back.

Offering hosting in both the US and the UK, they combine rock solid service with remarkable support - something that can be challenging to find sometimes. We thank Clook for the excellent service they continue to provide, and are very happy to recommend them to anyone seeking a great web hosting company!


Spices of India

Mamtas Kitchen has been approached many, many times over the last several years by suppliers asking us to recommend their services and to provide a link from our site to theirs. We have always resisted; unwilling to recommend suppliers in whom we are not fully confident. In Spices of India we believe we have found a supplier that is reliable, friendly, helpful and professional and their products are of a high quality too. Delia Smith Online also endorses Spices of India so were certainly in good company! We therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to Mamtas Kitchen readers.

Spices of India is the UK's finest online shop for authentic Indian Food, Indian Spices, Indian cooking ingredients and recipes. The site offers a wide selection of ground spices, whole spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, beans, lentils, appetizers, snacks, masalas, pastes, pickles, Indian sweets, desserts and much more. In fact everything you need to create your favourite Mamtas Kitchen recipes can be ordered online, from the comfort of your chair, and delivered next day directly to your door. To find out more or place an order visit Spices of India.

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