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Pots, Pans and Gadgets

Here is an alphabetical list of some the equipment I use in the kitchen. Don't try and buy all of it at once. Buy a few new items at a time.

.Aluminium Foil
.Baking tray
.Bread Knife
.Cake Tins, assorted sizes and shapes
.Can opener
.Casserole pans. Large and medium, heavy bottomed with a lid. Glass lid is better as you can keep an eye on the food without having to open the lid all the time
.Chopping board
.Cling film
. Coffee Maker
. Cooking pans, a couple of different sizes, with handles and lids
. Cooking Thermometer
. Electric Beater
.Electric, toasted sandwich maker
. Food processor
. Frying pans, a couple of different sizes
. Funnel for filling jars, small and large, heat resistant
.Garlic press
.Grater of, 2-3 different thickness, including one for parmesan cheese
. Grinder, electric
. Hand beater (non electric)
. Kettle, electric is quicker
.Kitchen apron
. Kitchen scissors
. Knife sharpener
. Knives, a selection of
.Lemon Juicer
.Measuring cups (1, 1/2, 1/3,1/4)
. Measuring jug, 1-2 liter, with millilitre markings
. Measuring spoon set, for correct measurement of small ingredients
. Melon Baller
. Microwave
. Microwave safe bowls, pots, plates
. Mixing bowl, large and medium
.Muslin cloth square, large enough to take 2-3 liter
. Oven gloves or mitts
. Oven-proof casserole dish. Large is good as it can be used for many different amounts
. Pepper mill
. Pestle and mortar
. Peeler and corer
. Pressure cooker. It saves a lot of time when cooking beans, lentils and certain meat dishes
. Rolling pin and rolling board
. Spatulas and ladles, a few assorted, for frying and cooking
. Sprouter, for sprouting moong beans, chickpeas, fenugreek, mustard seeds alfalfa, cress, fennel, rocket and sunflower and many other seeds (not for Kidney beans)
. Steamer
. Tarka Ladle, a long handled, large ladle for tempering dals (lentils) etc.
. Tawa or a Griddle for making chapatties/parathas, pancakes and dosa etc. If you don.t have a .tawa., any old, heavy bottomed frying pan will do
. Timer
. Toaster
. Tongs or .chimta., for cooking chapattis on the flame directly
. Ulu knife for chopping herbs
.Weighing scales
. Wok or a Kadhai, large, for making .dry. vegetable bhajies/curries.
. Wok or Kadhai, smaller for deep-frying
Advice on buying pans:
For everyday home cooking, non-stick pans are better than ordinary ones. Heavy bottomed pans are better than light ones. Buying cheap equipment now will cost more in the long run as you will probably need to buy frequent replacements! So buy the best you can afford. Same is true of knives, get a selection of the best you can and gradually build up your collection.

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