Mustard Seeds, How to Germinate Them For Salads?

Mustard Seeds, How to Grow Them For Salads?

Mamta Gupta

I love baby mustard leaves sprinkled over my salads, Raitas and soups. They are so easy to grow on your windowsill. Keep the seeds watered, but not soggy. They are ready to pick in 7-10 days. Start a fresh one every week, so you have a constant supply. Any small pot is suitable, I often use ramekin dish. Many other seeds can be grown this way.


  • 1-2 absorbent paper kitchen towels, folded and placed at the bottom of the dish like a cushion. This is to keep the seeds moist.

  • 1 tbsp. of rai or black mustard seeds.


  1. Place the paper towel at the base of the dish.

  2. Sprinkle enough water to soak it well. Then flatten the paper towel. Otherwise, seeds will roll into bunches and you won’t get an even growth.

  3. Sprinkle seeds on top.

  4. Drain off excess water. Leave at room temperature.

  5. They will take 2-3 days to start germinating. Harvest when they are over the top of the pot. Cut the stalks along with the leaves, they are also very tasty and full of nutrients.

  6. Add to any salad, raita, garnish of choice.

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