Khoya Condensed Milk Solid 3, How to make it from Ricotta Cheese
Khoya from Ricotta Cheese

Mamta Gupta

Khoya is used in many Indian sweets and is an integral part of Indian cuisine. That is why Indian people living around the world have devised different ways of making it. This method gives you a smooth Khoya, as opposed to harder or firmer khoya obtained by boiling the milk until it solidifies. This khoya is good for making thins like Burfi. If you can not find Ricotta cheese, you can replace it with paneer that has been mashed until smooth.

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500 gm. or 2 cups of full fat Ricotta Cheese or ground paneer
150 gm or 3/4 cup full fat powdered milk
125 gm butter or ghee


1.Make a soft dough with ricotta cheese and powdered milk. No water is needed.
2.Melt butter/ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, add the cheese milk mixture and cook until it is solidified, 10-15 minutes.
3.Cool and use in a place of traditional Khoya.

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