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Barbecue-A Collection Of Barbecue Recipes
BBQ Selection

Mamta Gupta

Here is a collection of BBQ recipes, some from what we have at our home and a great many gathered from friends over the years.

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For ingredients, follow each individual recipe


1.Baked Red Peppers and Onions(V)
2.Barbecued Meats (Lamb, Pork, Beef, Mutton)
3.Barbecue Sauce, Spicy
4. Barbecued Sweet Potatoes and Courgettes (V)
5.Burgers -Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Fish
6.Chicken in Garlic Marinade, Barbecued or Grilled
7.Chicken in a Quick Marinade, Barbecued or Grilled
8.Chicken Biryani Rice Parcels
9.Chicken Bites with Asafoetida
10.Chicken Gyros Pita Bread Pockets
11.Chicken Kebabs in Pita Bread Pockets
12.Chicken Sheek Kebab 1
13.Chicken Sheek Kebab 2 (Quick Version)
14.Chicken Tikka
15.Chicken Wings in Spices
16. Chickpea Biryani Rice (Pilaf) Parcels (V)
17.Chocolate Banana, Barbecued, Dessert (V)
18.Fragrant Pilaf Rice Parcels (V)
19.Fruit Kebab, Barbecued (V)
20.Fruit, How to Serve at a Barbecue (V)
21. Haddock, Spicy & Baked in Foil Parcels (Fish)
22.Jacket Potato Ideas (V)
23.Kebab Jalfrezi - A Curry From Leftover Kebab
24. Lamb Chops or Other Meats
25.Lamb Kebab in Pita Bread Pockets
26.Lamb/Meat Biryani Rice Parcels
27.Lamb/Meat Boti Kabab 1
28. Lamb/Meat Boti Kabab 2
29.Lamb/Meat in Garlic Marinade
30. Lamb/Meat Sheek Kebab 1
31. Lamb/Meat Sheek Kebab 2 (Quick Version)
32.Lamb/Meat Tikka
33. Mackerel-Spicy, Stuffed (Fish)
34.Marinade Selection, a collection of recipes (V)
35.Mushroom Rice Pilaf Parcels (V)
36. Onions Stuffed with Cheese & Tomatoes (V)
37. Peppers Stuffed With Mozzarella or Feta Cheese) (V)
38. Pilaf Rice Parcels (V)
39.Prawns in Hot Barbecue Sauce
40.Red Snapper (Fish)
41.Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Whole (V)
42.Sea Bass with Fresh Fennel Stuffing (Fish)
43.Sheek Kebab 1
44.Sheek Kebab 2
45.Skate or Stingray (Fish)
46.Soya Chunks Biryani Rice Parcels
47.Spicy Barbecue Sauce
48.Steak Sandwich
49.Stuffed Onions in Aluminium Foil Parcels
50.Sweet Potatoes (V)
51.Sweet Rice 1 Parcels
52.Sweet Rice 2-Quick Version, Parcels
53.Taco Shells with Cold Filling Ideas
54.Tandoori chicken 1
55.Tandoori chicken 2
56.Tandoori Chicken 3, Parsee
57.Tandoori Fish 1
58.Tandoori Fish 2
59.Tandoori Fish 3 with Dill
60.Tandoori Fish 4 with Cumin
61.Tandoori Fish - 5, Patra-Ne-Machchi
62.Tandoori Fish - 6, Nani Mayas Masala Fish
63.Tandoori Fish - 7 Whole Fish
64.Tandoori Leg of Lamb - 1
65.Tandoori Leg of Lamb - 2
66.Tandoori Lamb Chops
67.Tandoori Leg of Lamb, Spicy Roast - 1
68.Tandoori Leg of Lamb, Spicy Roast - 2
69.Tandoori Prawns
70.Tandoori Spice Mix (V)
71. Trout with Fresh Spring Onion Greens and Parsley Stuffing
72.Vegetable Biryani Parcels (V)
73.Vegetables on Skewers

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