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A Collection of Raita Recipes
Raita (Yoghurt) Recipe Collection

Mamta Gupta

Raita is a yogurt or 'dahi' dish that makes an important part of a North Indian, everyday meal. It combines the cool taste of fresh, chilled yoghurt with various other tastes and textures of salad vegetables, fruits, herbs and a variety of spices. Yoghurt cools down the irritant effect of some of the hot Indian spices, try not to make it too hot. Another advantage of eating Raita is that the �good� bacteria contained in fresh yoghurt help with the digestion. In South India, where foods is generally hotter than in the North, natural yogurt and boiled rice are traditionally served at the end of a meal to calm the stomach down.

Dishes like biriyanies, pulaos/pilafs, khitchries etc. are excellent served with a bowl of chilled raita. Many raitas are suitable for use as small 'dips', but generally served in generous portions with a meal.

Be creative. Experiment with different ingredients, spices, herbs, flavours. If you have new raita recipes that are missing from this list, and you wish to share them with others, please send them to me via the 'contact' link at the top of this page.

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Ingredients are given with each raita recipe.


2.Aubergine Raita 2
3.Avocado, Tomato and Onion Raita
4.Banana Raita 1
5.Banana Raita 2, Sweet
6.Banana Raita 3, Sweet
7.Banana and Cucumber Raita
8.Bathua or Pigweed Raita
9.Beetroot Raita
10.Bhindi Raita
11.Bitter Gourd (Karela) Raita
12.Boondi Raita
13.Bread Raita
14.Cabbage Raita
15.Carrot Raita
16.Coriander Raita
17.Corn Raita
18.Cucumber Raita
19.Cucumber, Carrot, Mint and Cress Raita
20.Cucumber & Onion Raita
21.Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Raita
22.Cucumber, Yellow/Red Pepper, Onion and Mint Raita (Yoghurt)
23.Dates and Spinach Raita
24.Garlic Raita
25.Green Mango Chutney Raita. Simply add a little chutney to taste to the lightly beaten natural yoghurt/dahi & adjust seasoning.
26.Kachnar Kali Raita
27.Lauki or Bottle Gourd or Dudhi Raita 1
28.Lauki or Bottle Gourd or Ghia Raita 2
29.Lauki or Bottle Gourd or Ghia Raita 3
30.Lotus Seed/Makhana Raita
31.Mint Raita 1
32.Mint Raita 2
33.Mint and Onion Raita
34.Onion Raita
35.Onion & Tomato Raita
36.Pineapple Raita
37.Pomegranate Raita
38.Potato Raita
39.Spinach Raita
40.Sweet and Sour Raita
41.Tomato Raita
42.Vermicelli Raita.
43.Watercress Raita.
44.Wild Garlic Leaves Raita.

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