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News: Enjoying British Beef and Lamb - 26th March, 2016

Growing up in a typical Hindu family in North India I was vegetarian throughout my childhood. It was not until my early twenties, after completing my medical degree, getting married to Rakesh and moving to London with him, that I started eating meat. In those days it was not easy finding vegetarian food in the UK, certainly not in the canteens in the hospitals where we worked.

One aspect of eating meat here is that the quality of British beef and lamb is really excellent. The climate is well suited to rearing of cattle and sheep and there are strict standards of welfare and quality.

Simply Beef and Lamb is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. It supports the Red Tractor Mark, which confirms that rules about food safety, animal welfare, traceability and environmental impact are followed, and the Quality Standard Mark, which lets us know that all beef and lamb marked with the logo meet very high quality standards.

When my girls were born, they were both meat eaters from the start, and they enjoy a varied diet to this day. They love many of my Indian recipes, which are particularly delicious made with British beef and lamb.

Here are some suggestions for beef and lamb, and you can find many more via the Search function.

Mamta’s Slow Cooker Vindaloo

Keema Matar (Mince and Peas Curry)

Tandoori Roast Leg of Lamb

Beef Madras

Mamta’s Lamb Curry (which my girls call Mum’s Lamb Curry)

Meatball (Koftae) Curry

Mamta’s Kitchen received a commission from Simply Beef and Lamb, which has been donated in full to the Keech Hospice in Streatley, Luton.

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