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10/6/2017 07:22pm
Besan barfi has a strange aftertaste on the tongue

I made besan Barfi today and even though it seemed to have roasted fully , it has a strange after taste that you can feel on the tip of your tongue. Not sure if it's under cooked or is it because I added the sugar while it was still hot.

13/6/2017 06:40am

Hello Niki

I am not sure what may cause a strange taste. Difficult to say without looking or tasting it.

Possible reasons;

Uder-fried besan

Burnt/overfied besan

Old besan that may have gone off


27/7/2017 06:37am
slight bitter after taste

I made it 2 times n it has a slight bitter after taste dunno why plzz help

28/7/2017 03:35pm

It has never been bitter whenever I have made it. This is a pretty basic recipe. Only thing I can think of is that besan was cooked on too high heat and got burnt.

7/8/2017 05:32pm
My laddoo is too soft now

Hi Marta,

Just made the laddoo.

My laddoo is soft not sure what went wrong. Will they harden if I wait? Is there any remedy nnow to harden them?

8/8/2017 11:41am

Hello Sahiti

yes, the laddoos are a bit soft when freshly made. They should become firmer as they cool, unless you live in a very hot place :).

Try keeping them in the fridge for a bit.

You didn't add too much ghee by any chance, did you?


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