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14/3/2011 07:25pm

14/3/2011 07:50pm

Sounds like a very interesting day to be had... unfortunately it clashes with my holiday, still hope it all goes well... and lots of pics and recipes appear from it :-)


15/3/2011 03:29am

I reckon that'll be the best 95.00 you'll spend in a while. What a great idea, guaranteed you'll have a great day.....and fantastic food at the end of the day to top it all off. Have fun!



15/3/2011 09:26am

Thanks, Steves! ;)

Hope we have some interested people booking in soon!

15/3/2011 02:35pm
10rth Anniversary

Hi Mamta

I would love to come and try my hand at some authentic Indian cooking - If you still have room for me on this day, then please let me know

15/3/2011 06:02pm

I am sure there are places. She hadn't even put it on her blog when I looked this morning, so not many people know about it yet, except the people who visit this forum.


15/3/2011 06:36pm

Patsy, please drop me an email at the email address above.

At the moment, we have spaces, I've only had a couple of people email so far.

I only put this up last night.

15/3/2011 11:03pm

It sounds lovely and it would be such fun - we could talk over lunch or dinner about whether it is good or bad (or indifferent) to change recipes for well-known dishes! But unfortunately I can't make it.


16/3/2011 04:18pm

So sorry I can't come on this date. Hope everything goes really well.


16/3/2011 06:41pm

Looks like it's a tough date for a lot of people, but was one of few dates we could do in coming two months.

But if there is interest, we will certainly look at more dates in future, as that is our hope, so we can raise more funds for KWS.

16/3/2011 07:05pm

Just to correct, the dish above with Urad Dal should be called Urad Daal Khada Masala

17/3/2011 02:24pm

Great news, we have just 2 places left!

17/3/2011 09:59pm

i hope it all goes well for you. unfortunately i do not live near luton or i may have come along. it sounds like you are all going to have an interesting afternoon.

17/3/2011 10:35pm

Thanks Sid, I hope it will be a fun and successful day!

18/3/2011 09:33am

WHEN it is a success, make sure you have plenty of photos for the advertising of the next one... ! :-)

there could be a whole spin off from it -

personalised menu's with the persons own food photos on them.. laminated?

step by step (photo) guides for the people to use at home...

mugs with Mamtaskitchen and your own photos on ..



18/3/2011 09:55am

Hold your horses Steve, we haven't finished our first one yet! LOL!!

18/3/2011 10:27am

I work on weekends as well !!! But will be donating some money to Kushboo Welfare Society.

18/3/2011 10:51am

Mamta I was thinking ahead but also behind.. these things might be nice for those people one the first one to takeaway with them... well recipes and step by step guides (personalised with their own photos if possible).. etc..

Mugs/Calendars/recipebooks etc can follow later :-) lol


18/3/2011 11:46am

Luton is too far away for me to have even thought about coming, but what a splendid idea. I hope it goes well and feel sure everyone will have a splendid time and learn lot of new cooking techniques.

18/3/2011 05:54pm

We will be printing recipe sheets for our class attendees but the sheets won't be laminated. I've attended many, many cookery classes, most of them faaar more expensive than ours, and they all give simple paper printed recipes.

We're not intending to scimp on anything at all but at the same time there's no point throwing away cash on extraneous things like laminating that could go to KWS instead!

The key thing we're giving is the learning experience and the social experience of cooking with mum plus the two meals as well.

We will definitely take lots of photographs, of course, so we can share how the class went with those who couldn't be there (and those considering attending future ones).


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