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1/8/2009 05:33pm
Meeting Mamta, Kavey & Pete

You may not have heard about the Real Food Market being held in Covent Garden every Thursday (June to September). The market allows locals and visitors alike to browse and buy some great food and drink items sold by a wide range of specialists.

The UK Food Bloggers Association, of which Kavey is a member, has taken a stall for the season and UKFBA members are taking it in turns to make and sell produce! In a moment of madness, Kavey has signed up to host the stall on Thursday 27th August.

Kavey's decided to represent both her blog ( Kavey Eats ) as well as Mamta's Kitchen and, to that end Kavey and Mamta have been making chutneys, pickles, jams, marmalades and ketchups for the last few weeks (many from recipes on the site, some of which were handed down from Mamta's father). Nearer the time, Kavey and Pete will also be making sweet goodies including tablet (hard fudge), brownies, biscuits, cakes as well as a selection of savoury snacks.

The official stall times are 12pm to 8pm though we'll probably be up and running by 11 am. The market is usually located on the cobbles between the covered market and the Royal Opera House (though if it's not there, check the opposite side of the covered market as it did move one week recently).

Mamta is hoping to be at the stall from approximately 1pm to 3pm, for those who'd like to meet her, though please note that there's a (very small) possibility she may not be able to make it. Pete and Kavey will (definitely) be there all day.

We'd really love to meet Mamta's Kitchen visitors - oldtimers and recent arrivals - so please do come along and support us if you can!

1/8/2009 10:13pm

Wish I could make it but its one serious trip for me.... take plenty of pictures ! and good luck with the sales.... I'm sure if you have some little taster's out that people will buy.... and maybe some printed sheets pointing at the website so people can look things up on line when they get home (I know thats the first thing I look for whenever I'm going or doing anything... have they got a web address)


1/8/2009 10:58pm

Yes, we'll be doing both of those.

We already have business cards and so on...


2/8/2009 05:22am

Good luck with it all! Sounds great! Bit too far for me



2/8/2009 09:20am

Looking forward to it - In my diary already. Good luck with all the preparations. Put my name on a jar of Tomato Ketchup!

2/8/2009 11:39am

Winton, will do! Good call as we only have about 6 jars of that to sell (plus minis)!

2/8/2009 05:54pm

Too far - dammit!

3/8/2009 09:28am

I know it's too far for many of you but we look fwd to meeting those of you who are closer by!

7/8/2009 07:04pm

Been designing, printing and sticking on labels for my jars today! Big job!

7/8/2009 09:40pm

That is hard work, rather you than me ;-)!


8/8/2009 09:18am

:) Have done only 2/3 of the nectarine jam so far. Looks good though!

8/8/2009 07:30pm
Real Food Market

Kavey, this sounds wonderful! I wish I could come!

Charu gupta
12/8/2009 02:53pm

Looking forward to meeting you, pete and Mamata jiji. In my diary already. Good luck with all the preparations.


12/8/2009 09:49pm

That's great, we look forward to meeting you!

Do pipe up and let us know, when you arrive, that you are one of our readers!


13/8/2009 02:16pm

Hey all the best with sales, marketing etc,plus I hope thie weather is really good.

Take lots of pics for your website so those of us who are unable to make it can sit and drool at your display of fine food

If I win Lotto I will fly over



22/8/2009 10:50am

Hey June

Will definitely take photos to share afterwards!


25/8/2009 01:33pm

I am now back from kenya, arrived this morning. I am hoping to be there!


25/8/2009 06:08pm

I hoping to be there too!

25/8/2009 08:02pm

Welcome back Mamta! We've missed your wit, wisdom and lightning advice on the forums - (hope you went with a notebook for recipes to Kenya.)

Do hope you can make it to Kavey's stall.

25/8/2009 09:15pm

Thank you Winton

I always have my notebook with me, but they all serve very Western food in these so called camps, all very modern. So no new recipes, just a few ideas. I might get around to sorting them out one day soon, am quite busy with family visiting from India utill the end of the month!

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