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18/4/2010 03:35pm

Yes, that is true. I just hope that they write on the packet that it is vegetarian.


Bhavi Jain
25/5/2010 06:24pm
Chemical composition of Varakh

Varakh is suppose to be 100 % silver. However it is difficult to verify its composition. I heard that some manufacturers are using aluminum in stead of silver in their varakh products. Some varakh may contain trace amount of heavy metals such as Lead and Cadmium. How can one check the true chemical composition of varakh?

12/7/2010 05:41pm
All about varak

WhenI was looking up this subject.. I came across this link which states what exactly goes on when making this controversial food item.... and it really touched me... m soooooooooooooo not having varak next time I have a sweet,-Vegetarians-and-Jains?&id=4622259

sunitha vinod so
31/7/2010 09:56am

when everybody is clear that vark is nv then why green symbol on the pack.

31/7/2010 11:00am

Several things spring to mind....

Where was the varakh purchased? In some European countries for instance the 'green dot' is to do with recycling packaging rather than the food content, unlike the Indian vegetarian green dot or maroon nv dot.

Is it Kanishka varakh which claims to be machine made and vegetarian?

Are some unscruplous manafcuturers claiming the actual silver is vegetarian even though thousands of animals are slaughtered for the manufacturing process, and contamination must occur?

Maya Aipirala
16/6/2011 10:57am
Varak is non-veg

Hi! I have been an animal rights activist for decades now. I would like to confirm that in India Varak is made from beating the silver on sheep skin and as such is not strictly vegetarian in that sense. If you are a strict vegetarian, please avoid it.

amrish shah
23/6/2011 04:13am
silver varakh

Actually kanishka jaipur has veg varakh. KSK varakh is first silver leaf approved by "Beauty without cruelty". Visit

24/6/2012 12:50pm
Chandi Varak

From what little I know and heard of is that "chandi varak" or finely beaten silver foil that is used to layer the Indian sweets is obtained by beating the silver metal in a bag or cushion made of sheep's udder. Whereas the foil itself is just silver and may not have any contact with the animal skin, to achieve the very fine thickness it has to undergo this process, a thorough beating as the blacksmith would beat a piece of hot iron plate to achieve finess. The udder skin or "leather" is strong to withstand the repeated beating without tearing-up.

One cannot declare it pure vegetarian as the manufacturing process involves use of animal matter.

I suppose if you can drink milk, eat butter and ghee, all animal products or for that matter honey why not Chandi Varak?

Nic J Money

Vinod K. Aggarwa
30/5/2013 12:52pm
Varak Veg or Non-Veg

As as I know, conventionally, the varakh was beaten in between layers of paper which was made by using intestine of oxen hence known as Non-veg. Varakh by many.

But now a days, with the introduction of new techniques, the silver is beaten by automated machines ( PLC Based) called hammers and it is beaten in Polyster Sheets. Hence the such made varakh is 100% pure and vegetarian.

Vinod K. Aggarwal

27/7/2013 06:25am

How and where to get veg varak?

Parul jain
15/12/2013 10:31am
Chandi wark

I m thankful to u all. Who ve saved me frrom this. I m a pure vegeterian. My husband told me plenty of times about vark. Bt today i thought of seeing it on net. From today onwards i wont eat vark

15/12/2013 06:52pm

Parul, you can buy silver 'varak' made without the use of old-fashion leather method.

18/12/2013 04:16pm

Thank goodness i am not a vegetarian, like my wife, who stares into the food labels for hours all tensed up and just the mention of "varak" would send her blood pressure soaring. :D

17/3/2014 05:44pm

GJ I have deleted your post, please do not copy material from elsewhere to this site. If you have a source online, you can provide a link.


6/10/2014 10:25am
chandi varq

I received a message regarding this and I was in shockso I searched internet and the results are highly shocking.I want to know is there any legal way to stop using this product on our sweets.

Bimal Makwana
28/10/2014 01:17pm
Chandi Varak is Non Veg

After such discussion, still any one has a doubt, read a Gujarati news paper Gujarat Samachar of 27th Oct-2013 or 3rd Nov-2013 (Exact date I do not know but of one of these two date, I am sure) there was an article of more than half page regarding how VARAK is manufactured. Hammering silver by putting between two lather pads is a last process but prior to that is also a very cruel process so it is surely non vegetarian item. One who is pure vegetarian must avoid to eat the good coated with VARAK.

Sunit baruah
26/11/2014 01:51am
Silver foil

Silver foil's are made with the help of BULL's Intestine .thin silver sheet are bitten under the fresh bull's said that the bull's intestine should be always fresh . Nd for the vegetarian people its a bad news.. .

25/5/2015 10:23pm

Dear Lalit Maheshwari

Your long post about the manufacture of silver varak has been deleted, because it was a copy of an article 'Varakh (Silver Foil)' by Pramoda Chitrabhanu of Jain Meditation International Center, New York from


19/10/2017 03:10pm
Chandi ka Vark (edible silver) veg or non-veg?

This is a reply to the 2005 thread regarding whether edible silver leaf was vegetarian or non-veg. Here are some facts.

Traditionally, intestines of animals such as cow, buffalo, bulls etc. are used to manufacture silver leaf that is commonly used on several Indian sweets, spices such as cardamom and paan etc.

“The ‘chandi ka vark’ is made by hammering thin sheets of silver in middle of booklets made of a bull’s intestines. After slaughtering a bull, its intestines are removed immediately and sold to the manufacturers of foils.

“The foil manufacturer removes blood and stool from the intestines, and cuts them into pieces. Then he puts one piece of intestine over another, making a booklet out of it. At his home, or in the factory, he puts one silver (or gold) sheet in-between each such booklet and hammers it hard until those metal sheets turn into thin wafers,” explained a manufacturer, on condition of anonymity.”

However as of 2016, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has banned the use of any material of animal origin in silver leaf (chandi ka varq) manufacturing process. As of present day (Oct 2017), not sure if it is being enforced.

22/10/2017 08:44pm
I would avoid any sweets with varak

Hi Mamta and friends,

While in India I would now avoid any sweets covered with varak. Why? because now some of them are using Aluminium instead of Silver. The difference being that Aluminium varak is shinier than silver. Aluminium is toxic and plays havoc with the immune system, even one should avoid aluminium utensils for cooking. In order to save some money some sweet sellers are feeding us toxins, while the authorities are slow to react. This was in the national news.

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